Meet The Family

Here's the Inside Scoop of our Family Business

By Celine Degagne

My Daddio started this business in 1988, with the help of my Stay at Home Momma Bear. Between working physically and meeting with clients, my Dad always made time to stop in at our soccer and volley ball games (which meant the world to us). After years of raising us and taking care of the office tasks for the company, My Mom is now happily working outside of the family business. She may not partake in our daily business activities, but her heart is still well invested in it!

Both my parents will never forget how excited they were for their very first sale. My Mom stayed up until 1 am, typing the legal contract on an old school typewriter, while my Dad was getting me ready for bed (my brother wasn't born at the time).  The next day, out at a Family Restaurant in Novar, my Dad met with the new potential clients. Right before they were about to sign the contract, their adorable baby boy accidently spilt chocolate milk all over it! Trying to recover the contract (while laughing with a hint of nervousness) the clients officially signed the contract! Moral of the story? Never let the little things (chocolate milk) stop you from accomplishing the big things (getting the deal).

My Brother and I became partners in 2012 and we strive to grow the family business authentically. Today, I left the family business to pursue my new Wellness Company - Inner Beauty Movement. Don, Project Manager, has been working with us for over 18 years. His knowledge, dedication, hard work and humour have helped our company get to where it is today. We are also very thankful for our other seven key team members - Vince, Tyler, Paul, Marc-Andre, Zack, Lucas and Tammy, who pour their hearts into everything they do. It's people like them, who care so much about our company, that help us give the quality of service we're after.

So there you have it! Is there a secret to working with family? Not necessarily.  We do always try our best to separate family and business life, which helps. Truth is, as close as we are, we always get along (most of the time). We keep lines of communications open and we are always there for each other. It's important to be able to express how you feel, deal with situations as they rise and be honest with each other. At the end of the day, we come from a place of love and respect - as business partners and as family.