Degagne Carpentry Team

Owner and President at Degagne Carpentry

Marcel Degagne, Owner and President

It all began as a child, when Marcel loved anything to do with working with his hands and building something from scratch. His fascination for construction combined with his handy work skills intrigued him to start his company at the age of 21. Selling homes from a small bedroom in a basement, Marcel never lost sight of his big vision, regardless of his young appearance. Long hours, determination, intention and a whole lot of heart is what helped him work through some of the toughest years. Today, he celebrates over 25 years in business while finishing his first rural subdivision. With his jokes and great sense of humour, Marcel knows how to make our clients feel right at home. Progressively moving from a hands on owner to overlooking the business operations, Marcel has formed a reliable network to help continue the vision he's held on to since 1988.

  • Skilled Carpenter
  • Great Customer Service
  • Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Owner and Sales Manager at Degagne Carpentry

Dan Degagne, Owner and Sales Manager

Born and raised with a hammer in his hand, Dan always had a passion for construction. From building his first ladder at the age of 5, to various tree houses by the age of 8, Dan is always looking to better himself. Through the apprenticeship program, he became a licensed carpenter, then moved on to managing our framing crew and is now the sales manager. We have to admit, he never took 'no' for an answer as a kid and still as an adult. That's the beauty of it - never let anyone tell you what you can't do. He believes that hard work and determination, pays off. Working hand in hand with Marcel, gave him the insight and knowledge to manage the company efficiently.  Between being a dad, a husband and a business owner, Dan is the Man!

  • Licensed Carpenter
  • Great Customer Service
  • Vast Construction Knowledge
Project Manager at Degagne Carpentry

Don Giroux, Project Manager

By working on the field constructing homes alongside Marcel since 1998, Don brings his knowledge and experience when over viewing projects. His attention to detail results in making sure each home or renovation project runs smoothly, which is one of the many reasons why clients love working with him. Of course, you can’t handle all those projects without having a few laughs and jokes along the way! By having an open and ongoing communication with clients, sub contractors and suppliers, Don ensures our jobs are completed with the high standard we strive for. Being a friend of the family, Don is a key player to our team and his contribution is what helps our company grow every day!

  • Skilled Carpenter
  • Project Management
  • Great Organization and Attention to Detail
Licensed Carpenter and Supervisor at Degagne Carpentry and Lead Carpenter for GUS

Tyler Laporte, Licensed Carpenter and Supervisor

A friend of our family, Tyler has been around for what seems like forever! Don’t let his quiet character fool you, as his wittiness and dedication has made him a wonderful team member. Becoming a Licensed Carpenter at the age of 22, and working with us for 7 years now, Tyler continuously demonstrates why he’s a key player. Rain, shine or snow, you will never hear a single complaint from him. Tyler is also the lead carpenter for GUS North Bay.

  • Licensed Carpenter
  • Vast Knowledge in Restoration
  • Home Restoration
Licensed Carpenter and Supervisor at Degagne Carpentry

Paul Degagne, Licensed Carpenter and Supervisor

Paul has not only become a Licensed Carpenter, but is also a Licensed Mechanic. His versatile skills and quick learning abilities is some of the many qualities he brings to the table. Paul's daily dedication to his leadership position is demonstrated in every project he tackles. His ongoing drive to become better every day is a great asset to our company. It’s been a real pleasure and honour to have another family member join our team!

  • Licensed Carpenter
  • Licensed Mechanic
  • Project Manager
Supervisor at Degagne Carpentry

Vincent Gagne, Supervisor

Every time we close a project, clients only have positive things to say when working with Vince. His construction knowledge and experience over the years has added great benefits to our company. He not only frames our homes, but takes great care of all the renovations. If you ask him his opinion, you will be sure to get the honest answer! That’s why our team and our clients enjoy working with him.

  • Skilled Carpenter
  • 30+ Years of experience and knowledge in the construction industry
  • Home Renovations
Licensed Carpenter at Degagne Carpentry

Marc-Andre Rancourt, Licensed Carpenter

Being the youngest one of the team, Marc-Andre, who is another distant family member, has grown lots over the past few years. His respectful character and hard-working skills shines through daily. We are excited to announce that Marc-Andre graduated the Red Seal General Carpenter Course with honours, making this one our fourth on the list. You will not hear much from him, but he always greets you with a smile and is ready to take on the next project!

  • Licensed Carpenter
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Home Building and Renovations


General Manager of GUS North Bay

Tim LaCelle, General Manager of GUS North Bay

With integrity, Tim leads the GUS restoration franchise like it was his own. His leadership skills, community involvement and efficiency ensures each project receives an authentic service they can count on! Tim treats everyone as if they were family, and that is why GUS North Bay is being recognized for its quality work with ethical driven intentions. If you didn’t already know, Tim is an amazing musician who lights up a crowd anywhere he performs! Rock on, Tim.

  • Vast knowledge in Home and Commercial Restoration
  • Excellent PR Skills. Very involved in the Community (Elks Lodge, Free Mason, Etc.)
  • Quality Work