Degagne Carpentry FAQ’s

Why choose Degagne Carpentry?

We have built an empire of people who care about their work. From the beginning stages of planning, to choosing finishes, to working with our project manager, suppliers and professional associates, we ensure a high-quality service is provided each step of the way! That is truly the meaning behind The Degagne Difference.

How long does it take to construct a house?

Once the plans are finalized with our certified architect (this process may take up to a few months, depending on how fast the client can make decisions) we can build your home within 5-6 months and guarantee the closing date upon signing.

Where does Degagne Carpentry have lots available?

Degagne Carpentry will build to suit in a number of our neighbouring communities. We currently maintain an inventory of lots in North Bay and the surrounding areas. Alternatively, Degagne Carpentry can arrange to purchase a specific lot for you if the land costs are to be included in the mortgage for the house we are going to build.

Can you build a house on my lot?

Of course! Building a custom home from your set of plans is a service we offer. Keep in mind, that we have a certified architect that can custom design a home just for you! The plans are included in the package, at no extra cost, if you decide to get them done with our team.

How important is building ‘Green’ and energy efficiency to Degagne Carpentry?

We understand the importance in energy efficient homes, and this is one of our top priorities! We strive to build environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes that are financially feasible to our clients. Our newest subdivision Oakridge Estates, located at 994 Highway 94, is one of the first Green Conservation Designs to be developed in Ontario. This new concept offers over 80% of common element green space (minimum requirement is 50%). Our team has also partnered up with Tree Canada to plant 1,000 trees in this area!

Can I make changes to the plans?

Changes and revisions can be made during the design process; however, all the decisions are made prior to construction with our design team to avoid confusion among trades and our suppliers. We will work with you when making decisions about the design of your custom home because we understand that your lifetime investments are going into this project! We want to make sure you are happy with the final product.

There are so many decisions to make when building a home, where do we start?

We always ask our clients to take the time to figure out what style, colours and textures appeals to you. By doing this homework, you are able to start piecing together the details of your dream home. From the selection of your kitchen cabinets, to your floors, to your fixtures you choose in your bathrooms, our team of professionals are there to help you every step of the way!

At what point do we communicate to Degagne Carpentry about building our home?

Anytime is a good time! It all depends on when you would like to build. We ask for 5-6 months from the day we start digging to the move in date, depending on how custom your home is. Some people like to plan a year or two in advance, others like to plan 6 months before we start the project. Whatever works best for you – we will be ready to work together on building your dream home!